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terms and conditions
effective 2.1.23

Mahalo for becoming a Member of Compost Kauai!

Our goal is to try and reduce perfectly-good compost materials, such as food scraps, from going to the Kekaha landfill. We also encourage the reduction and recycling of paper, cardboard, and green waste too.

Compost is an art and science that requires time, land/space, and quite often, an iron stomach, especially when it comes to the decomposing phases of food scraps. Compost Kauai wants to make it easier for everyone to compost. We see our business as a logistics and cleaning service that creates a useful end product for our Members. We strive to provide the best service and membership satisfaction for our community.

The following terms are meant to help us meet those goals and ensure that we are all on the same page. Please read below and let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions by emailing us at


1. Who

Starting on the day of your initial bucket drop (up to seven days prior to your first pick-up), the following written obligations and responsibilities will be effective between Compost Kauai (CK) and Member or Business (a.k.a. “you”). You may have signed up with us face-to-face, online using a PaySimple form, in our online store, at the farmers market, or by a friend or family member gifting you our service.

2. Compost Kauai’s responsibilities

CK will provide different services for our pick-up and drop off Members and businesses.

A. For Pick-Up Service Members and Businesses only:

  1. One to seven days after signing up CK will deliver a clean five-gallon bucket with lid to the Member’s address. If our team met with you face-to-face, you may have been given a clean bucket immediately on that day.

  2. After signing up, each Member receives our onboarding email series, a printed Welcome Packet, is added to our marketing/update texting system, and if requested, is added to our text reminders list.

  3. The day we come to your house is your “Pick-Up Day'' and is outlined in the the Welcome Packet and onboarding emails. As of 11/1/22, Wailua and Kapahi-Kapaa area Members have a Monday Pick-Up Day. Pick-up days for businesses vary depending on the agreement made between CK and the Business.

  4. Every week on the Pick-Up Day, CK will swap the filled bucket leaving a clean bucket in its place. This will typically happen between 9am-5pm. Any changes will be updated through our marketing/update texting system. This time is subject to change depending on weather, road conditions, holidays, or operational issues. Texts and emails will be delivered at least 2 hours in advance in case of these circumstances.

  5. Compost can be requested by our Members after three full months of our pick-up service. We sift and return compost in an upcycled 100% cotton t-shirt bag. We will deliver compost on the Pick-Up Day of the first week of our Compost Return Quarter month.


B. For Drop Off Members at the farmers market only:

  1. We will give Members a two or five-gallon bucket with lid and a Welcome Letter to explain our service. 

  2. We will be present each week at the Saturday Puhi Farmers Market from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Members can bring their buckets during this time each week for a bucket swap.

  3. We will have two and five-gallon buckets on site to swap for buckets filled with food scraps. Buckets will stay closed so that no one else on site can see or smell what’s inside.

  4. An email will be sent to let Members know if we will miss any market dates.

  5. Members will get a discount when purchasing compost from us at the market or through our online store.


CK will take a Member’s food waste and either haul it to a local composting facility or personally process it into compost. Compost will be returned or discounted according to the Member's service plan.


A. For Pick-Up Service Members only:

  1. Every Member will be returned compost corresponding to their membership and our Terms & Conditions.

    1. The amount of compost returned/donated will correspond to the number of buckets in a Member’s membership. If a Member upgrades to a membership with more buckets compost will be returned according to the membership they held for at least three consecutive months.

      1. Do Gooders - 1 bucket = 1 gallon of compost returned/month

      2. The Influencers - 2 buckets = 2 gallons of compost returned/month

      3. Scrapaholics - 3 buckets = 3 gallons of compost returned/month

      4. Small business - 4+ buckets = compost amount negotiable

  2. Members must request compost each quarter time through the Compost Kauai website and Compost Request Form to receive their free allotted amount. Any compost not requested during the quarter is forfeited and donated.

  3. The Compost Return Quarter is during the first week of January, April, July, and October. Compost will be delivered to members on their Pick-Up Day.

  4. Members can purchase additional compost at a discounted price through the Compost Kauai online store.


B. For Drop Off Members at the farmers market only:

  1. Drop Off Members can purchase compost for a discounted price at the farmers market or through our online store.


3. Member responsibilities

Here’s how Members can help us, help them during our pick-ups and at the farmers market:

  1. Place compostable materials in the bucket, limited to fruits and veggies; meats, eggshells; bread, grains and pasta, coffee grounds, nuts and spices, shredded paper, cardboard, paper towels, etc.

    1. Please see our list of Can and No Can.

  2. PLEASE DO NOT place non-compostable materials in the bucket, such as oil, fat, plastic, rubber, or anything else that doesn’t compost. When in doubt, reference the Can and No Can list or contact us.

    1. A list was included in the Member’s Onboarding Series Emails.

A. For Pick-Up Service Members only:

  1. Place the bucket full of food scraps at the end of driveway (or at the designated location instructed by the Member) each Pick-Up Day by 9am.

  2. Feel free to inform neighbors, garbage collectors, landlords, housemates, and anyone else who might be interested about the presence of the buckets and what they are used for.

  3. Members may be billed $18 by CK for any buckets that go missing or are destroyed. Members can pay for this through our Online Members Store or CK will add the charge to their next billing cycle or in a separate invoice.

  4. If Members wish to defer a pick up for the week (ie. Members forgot to put their bucket out before heading to the Westside or they did not have a lot of scraps) please let us know by EMAIL or TEXT, the night before Members’ Pick-Up Day.

  5. CK will not pick up compostable material exceeding the size of the five-gallon bucket or sitting outside of the bucket provided. To prevent upset with service here are a few options for any excess material:

    1. Add another bucket to a current membership for a month or a week (Members can do this in our Online Members Store)

    2. Cut food scraps into smaller pieces to help fill it in to all the spaces in the bucket

    3. Cut up or shred any excess carbon materials (cardboard, shredded paper, paper mail, etc.) and put in the bucket

  6. If Members are over-filling up their bucket each week on a regular basis they can upgrade with an additional bucket through our Online Members Store for an additional $12 per month.

  7. If Members need to add an additional bucket for a brief number of weeks Members can add another bucket though our Online Members Store for an additional $8 per week.

  8. This agreement gives permission to CK employees to enter a Member’s property for the purpose of retrieving loaned compost buckets.


B. For Drop Off Members at the farmers market only:

  1. The Member is responsible for the initial cost of the bucket. This is in the case that the Member does not return for a drop off.

  2. Bring bucket full of food scraps to the Puhi farmers market each Saturday between 9:30-12:30pm.


​​4. Payments

CK currently has both one-time and subscription-based payments for services. One-time payments will occur a single time on the day of purchase while subscription-based payments will occur on the same date each month, starting when a Member signs up through our Online Store.


1. Member promises to pay CK membership corresponding to the selected membership. Fees are outlined at - as well as below.

  • Drop off rates are as follows:

    • Initial $8 for white 2-gallon bucket with a $5 drop off at the Puhi Farmers Market

    • Initial $18 for a black 5-gallon bucket with a $7 drop off at the Puhi Farmers Market

  • Residential monthly pick-up rates are as follows:

    • Do Gooders - $32 (one bucket) per month

    • The Influencers - $44 (two buckets) per month

    • Scrapaholics - $56 (three buckets) per month

  • Small business monthly pick-up rates are negotiable and may vary for each business


2. Payments are made through the PaySimple platform, recurring each month.

  1. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime and there is no fee for canceling.

  2. If wanting to cancel subscription payment, please EMAIL or TEXT us 14 days prior to the following month’s payment date.

  3. If a Member does not pay their invoice for CK's services by 30 days from the invoice date, CK may end this agreement immediately or upon our discretion. Any loaned buckets will be picked up and service will only continue again once payment has been received for the past and upcoming service month.

  4. Any accounts with a returned check will be subjected to a $25 fee


5. Cancellation Policy

How to suspend or cancel service:

Members can end their membership and subscription at any time.

A. For Pick-Up Service Members only:

  1. Please EMAIL or TEXT Compost Kauai 14 days in advance to the end date.

  2. If given 14 days notice CK will suspend a Membership and stop payment for the proceeding monthly payment.

  3. A Member's final bucket pick-up will be the Monday prior to their next billing date.

B. For Drop Off Members only:

1. Simply return your bucket or keep it and use it for something else.


If a Member does not pay their invoice for CK’s services by 30 days from the invoice date, CK may end this agreement immediately or upon our discretion. Any loaned buckets will be picked up and service will continue again once payment has been received for the past and upcoming service month.


Either the Member or CK may end this agreement at any time and for any reason with 14 days written notice.


CK reserves the right to postpone service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or operational issues. Members will be notified of such cancellation as soon as we know, prior to their service date. We will do our best to immediately reschedule pick-ups the following day.


​Any matters relating to the cancellation or suspension of service should be made via EMAIL or TEXT.



Text: 833-391-0256

​6. Confidentiality

CK and its employees, agents, or representatives will keep all subscriber information confidential. Further, CK will provide the services listed in this agreement and meet its obligations using high quality customer service.


7. Limitation of Liability

CK is not responsible for what happens once buckets are on a Member’s property. Please be gentle with our buckets and use them only for food scraps and acceptable materials listed under the Can and No Can.

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