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convenient and clean community composting.

No matter your living situation - single family home, multi-family household, 'ohana unit, or apartment - we started our services to support residents like you.

How our residential services work:
  1. Become a member using our simple online sign up form - We have options for households of all sizes

  2. You receive our classy, black Compost Kauai bucket - We have both curbside and drop off services

  3. Fill your bucket with compostable approved items all week long - When in doubt, KEEP IT OUT or contact us

  4. Put your bucket out on your service day or bring it to your designated drop off site

  5. Our service includes a washing service so your bucket is swapped for a clean one each week

  6. Grow more food using our unique compost - Use your Member's Discount in our online store or attend any of our Community Compost Sift Days

Where you stay?

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the benefits of composting

Plant health, plant productivity, and soil health have shown to improve when compost is applied. Benefits are long lasting with studies showing organic matter still present in the soil five years after application!

Compost can improve water retention and infiltration in soil. This means saving you time and money when it comes to watering your garden or yard and preventing runoff and soil erosion.

Composting diverts organic materials such as food waste from entering the landfill. In the landfill organic materials are subjected to an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) where they release methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

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