convenient and clean curbside composting.

No matter your living situation - single family home, multi-family household, 'ohana unit, or apartment - we started our services to support residents like you.

Each Residential plan includes

  • The requested number of buckets & screw tight lids

  • Weekly pick-up service

  • Weekly bucket washing service

  • 6-month diversion report

  • Weekly reminder texts

  • Finished compost by request or donated (four times a year)

  • Once-in-awhile Compost Kauai Newsletter

  • Access to educational blog posts

  • Friendly member support/advice for compost and gardening questions

  • An easy recurring monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time

We are currently servicing the eastside of kauai.

Check the map below to see if we are doing pick-up service in your area.

the benefits of composting

Plant health, plant productivity, and soil health have shown to improve when compost is applied. Benefits are long lasting with studies showing organic matter still present in the soil five years after application!

Compost can improve water retention and infiltration in soil. This means saving you time and money when it comes to watering your garden or yard and preventing runoff and soil erosion.

Composting diverts organic materials such as food waste from entering the landfill. In the landfill organic materials are subjected to an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) where they release methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

How our residential pick-up services work:
  1. Sign up by choosing one of our plans below. You can choose one, two or three buckets for your weekly service.

  2. We will drop off your five gallon bucket following your instructions, within 1-6 days, typically on the next regularly scheduled pick-up day. You will receive a Welcome and on boarding series of emails and a printed Welcome Packet (which can be composted when done).

  3. Put approved compostable items in your bucket all week long. Check out our "Can and No Can" list.

  4. On your pick-up day you will get a reminder text to put your bucket out by 9am. Your bucket will be picked up between 9am and 5pm.

  5. When we pick-up your bucket we will swap it and leave you a clean one.

  6. After six months, be on the look out for an email that lets you know you can now request compost to be delivered to your door each quarter.

Choose your plan BELOW.

*all plans have a one time $20 start up fee



Show your friendds and Show your friends and family you care by taking out the "trash," not buying them more.

​Already a member?

Give the gift of composting and receive one month FREE for yourself.


Choose a three-month, six-month or one-year membership to give to your friends and family this year. When you gift our services to a friend we will give you one FREE month of service and waive the new membership startup fee. Our pick-up service currently only serves Eastside residents (Kapaa, Wailua, & Kapahi).


Not a member, yet?

Well, you can become a member yourself or gift our services to friends and family on the Eastside.

New sign-ups with our three-month, six-month or one-year memberships will have the startup fee waived (valid until 12/31/22). These memberships are a great way for you or your friends and family to begin new habits and try our service during the holiday season.

Each package includes:
- Five-gallon bucket with a screw tight lid
- Weekly pick-up service
- Weekly bucket washing service
- One gallon of our premium compost for each month of service
(returned on a quarterly basis after our initial six month wait period)
- Six-month diversion report (if applicable)
- Once-in-awhile Compost Kauai Newsletter
- Weekly text reminders
- Joining a community of like-minded members

Curbside SERVICE.

Experience the perks of being a member with discounted rates and delivery of compost to your door.


  • Compost can be requested and delivered each quarter for FREE (every three months)

  • Members accumulate one gallon each month, for each bucket in their plan

  • Additional compost can be earned at Community Sift Days, filling our produce sticker sheet, or purchased and delivered

  • Discounted price for purchased compost

  • $7/gallon; $20/three gallons; $30/five gallons


  • Pick-up for orders less than 1 cubic yard (<200 gallons) in Wailua or at the Puhi Farmers Market

  • Delivery available for orders >1 cubic yard (>200 gallon)

  • $10/gallon; $24/three gallons; $35/five gallons

  • A little goes a long way

  • One gallon of compost fertilizer can amend 32 sq ft of soil

  • Learn more about our compost in our FAQ and blog posts