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How to Skip a Service Pickup

Whether you’re off island, camping at Polihale, or simply didn’t use your bucket this week - the “Skip Service” tool is the best way to let us know that you don’t need your bucket picked up. 

The Skip Service tool:

  • Saves you money! Each time you skip service, a $3 credit is applied to your next monthly bill. 

  • Saves our driver fuel and time.

How To Skip Pickup Service

  1. Go to our website and sign in to the member portal using your login information.

  2. In the member dashboard, click on “Skip Service” in the top right corner.

  3. On the Service Calendar page, you’ll see a list of upcoming service dates on the right hand side. Click the “skip service” button next to the date that you do not need your bucket picked up. 

  4. Click “yes” and then “ok” on the pop up windows.

  5. All done! 

This will let us know to not pick up your bucket on the date you selected and a $3 credit will automatically be applied to your next monthly bill.

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