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Kauai's First Curbside Food Compost Pick-Up Service

Our Values & mission


Started in March 2020, Compost Kauai began with three friends who were really into creating something good for their community. 


A 2016 waste characterization study done by the County of Kauai showed that approximately 25% of waste entering the landfill was compostable. This includes paper, food waste and other organics. Compostable materials are an extremely valuable resource and should have an opportunity to be returned back to the soil, not lie waste in a landfill tomb.


Knowing that our current landfill is overwhelmed, that our food-system is heavily reliant on imported goods, and many residents find composting on their own difficult, we wanted use our skills and experiences to help out.

We understand that a sustainable island food system is not only a community of those who produce, process, distribute, and consume local foods but also involves those who are recycling and returning valuable nutrients back to the land. All of these community members and their actions enhance Kauai’s environmental, economic and social health as well as build community resilience.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Compost Kauai came to fruition.


Compost Kauai provides services that make it easier for the community to close the loop and support truly local recycling on island. We support everything from individual residents to large scale events.


Our mission is to collect food scraps and other local compostables (paper, cardboard, and small kind greenwaste), diverting them from our island’s overwhelmed landfill and transforming them into nutrient-rich compost fertilizer, which can then be used to grow more food.


To achieve our mission,

  • we recognize food scraps as a commonly forgotten resource which required other valuable resources in its cultivation and transportation (water, fertilizer, fuel, labor),

  • we partner with like-minded community members, who don't have enough food scraps for the pig farmers but might have more than they can handle themselves,

  • we choose to close the loop by diverting and converting local organic materials into a soil amendment that can further benefit our community and island.

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Here's how it works:
1. We give you a 5-gallon bucket
2. You fill your bucket with compostables
3. We pick up your bucket weekly

4. We turn your compostables into nutrient rich compost which you can have delivered


If that doesn't seem easy enough, watch our 60 second video.


our Services

Why compost?

As an island with finite resources, compost has an endless list of benefits that support a sustainable island community. From diverting materials from the landfill to the application of finished compost which improves soil health, supports local food production and maintains a functional ecosystem - composting is the final AND first step to creating a sustainable closed-loop food system.


We remember to recycle our glass, plastic and aluminum, so why not our food?


can &

no can

can - Put In your bucket
no can - reuse, recycle or put in trash

Cooked and raw foods

Fruits and vegetable scraps

Meat, bones, fish, crustaceans*

Coffee grounds and filters

Rice, bread, oatmeal, grains

Dairy products including cheese*

Herbs, spices, dried fruit

Household plants including soil

Tortillas, potato chips, popcorn

Sauces and syrup*

Stale crackers, bread, cereal, pretzels, pasta

Nuts and shells

Tofu and tempeh

Hair (pet or human)


Paper plates, bags, & to-go boxes (no plastic)

Newspaper (remove plastic/shiny inserts)

*Keep under 5% of total.




Rubber bands

Aluminum cans or foil

Latex or rubber gloves

Produce stickers/labels

Paper plates or coffee cups with wax coating

Fats, grease, oil, candy

Items labeled biodegradable

Items labeled BPI Certified Compostable

Items labeled ASTM D6400 or D6868


Baby wipes, cloth, and clothing

Pet food

Cigarette butts

Dead animals

When in doubt, leave it out (or contact us).