We do.

Kauaʻi's First Curbside Food Scraps Pick-Up Service



Here's how it works:
1. We give you a 5-gallon bucket for your food scraps
2. You fill your bucket
3. We pick up your bucket weekly

4. We turn your scraps into nutrient dense fertilizer to grow more food!


If that doesn't seem easy enough, watch our 60 second video.


our Services

1. Decide on a plan

Each plan includes

  • Welcome letter with "Do's and Don'ts"

  • Your requested number of buckets

  • Weekly pick-up service

  • Wash and clean bucket drop-off service

  • 6-month diversion report

  • Weekly reminder texts

  • Finished compost returned or donated (quarterly schedule)

  • Once-in-awhile CK Newsletter

  • Friendly member support/advice for compost and gardening questions

  • An easy recurring monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time

2. Choose your location
3. Try our Compost


  • Compost can be requested each quarter (every three months)

  • It is delivered the first Friday of each quarter (every three months)

  • You will receive one gallon/month for each bucket in your plan

  • Use the link below to request compost

  • Additional compost can also be purchased

Non Members

  • There is a limited supply of compost available for sale to non members

  • Pick-up for orders less than 1 cubic yard (200 gallons)

  • Delivery available for orders >1 cubic yard (>200 gallons)

  • We kindly request a five-gallon minimum

  • $35/five-gallon bucket

  • Specific payment types accepted

  • Use the link below to learn more


our do's & dont's

Do - Put In your bucket

Cooked and raw foods

Fruits and vegetable scraps

Meat, bones, fish, crustaceans*

Coffee grounds and filters

Rice, bread, oatmeal, grains

Dairy products including cheese*

Herbs, spices, dried fruit

Household plants including soil

Tortillas, potato chips, popcorn

Sauces and syrup*

Stale crackers, bread, cereal, pretzels, pasta

Nuts and shells

Tofu and tempeh

Hair (pet or human)


Paper plates, bags, & to-go boxes (no plastic)

Newspaper (remove plastic/shiny inserts)

*Keep under 5% of total.

Don't - recycle or put in trash




Rubber bands

Aluminum cans or foil

Latex or rubber gloves

Produce stickers/labels

Paper plates or coffee cups with wax coating

Fats, grease, oil, candy

Items labeled biodegradable

Items labeled BPI Certified Compostable

Items labeled ASTM D6400 or D6868


Baby wipes, cloth, and clothing

Pet food

Cigarette butts

Dead animals

When in doubt, leave it out (or contact us).

Our mission & solution


Compost Kauai is located and operates on the east side of the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

We offer a convenient, residential pick-up service that transports food scraps and locally sourced feedstocks, so they can be transformed into a nutrient-rich compost fertilizer and diverted from our island’s overwhelmed landfill.

To achieve our mission,

  1. we partner with like-minded community members

  2. recognize food scraps as a valuable resource

  3. close the loop by converting organic materials into a soil amendment and returning it to our community to grow more food, plants, and trees.


Compost Kauai is a team of three core composters and many volunteers. Started in March 2020, Compost Kauai serviced the Wailua Homesteads and Houselots area. In November 2020, they expanded to the Kapahi-Kapaa area on the Eastside of Kauai.

In the future Compost Kauai hopes to expand to other areas of the island and add drop-off locations for community members to help close the loop and support our island resources.

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The Short FAQ

How does the service work?


1. We give you a 5-gallon bucket for your food scraps

2. You fill your bucket with food scraps

3. We pick up your bucket weekly and leave behind a clean, sanitized bucket




We use your scraps to create a nutrient-dense fertilizer and deliver the finished compost back to you on a quarterly basis.


When will I get my bucket and first pick-up?

After you sign up, we will get you your bucket within 1-4 days. Your first pick-up will be the following Friday after you receive your bucket. We typically drop buckets off on Friday pick-up days. Please contact us if you need your bucket sooner and we will try to accommodate.


When are pick-ups?

Pick-ups for the Wailua, Kapaa, and Kapahi area are currently on Fridays after 4 pm.


When will my compost be ready?

We are able to give compost back to our members once it is ready. This typically takes about six months. After our members have been composting with us for six months we send them an email to let them know their food scraps have decomposed into nutrient-rich compost fertilizer.


Members can request compost using our Compost Request Form and have it delivered to them during the next quarter.


What are the months when compost will be returned?

The Return Months for our quarterly cycle are January, April, July, and October.


Learn more about the Quarterly Compost Return Schedule


How much compost do I get back?

Note: At this time we have a limited amount of compost for nonmembers aka the public.


After six months of composting, your food scraps are now ready to be sifted, weighed, and bagged for delivery. The final compost has now been reduced to about 9-15% of its original weight from decomposition. Because we can only return what we receive/create, we have found our system reliably returns one gallon of compost fertilizer per month, per bucket. One gallon of compost can be used to cover 32 square feet of garden.


See the chart below for how much compost you get back in your Membership Plan.

Have questions about our compost?