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When can you request compost?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Since March 20202, we have diverted 17,679 pounds of food and organic waste from our landfill.

NEW Compost Return Schedule

For the past year, we have been on a monthly compost return schedule with each bucket in your membership equating to one gallon of compost returned. The first batch of compost fertilizer is returned once food scraps are fully composted (approximately a 6-month waiting period). We not only use a hot composting method (to kill pathogens) but also feed the food scraps to our composting worms, which gives our compost fertilizer its extra boost.

Now that we have seen how our system works with the growing influx of food scraps AND with your support and feedback from our March survey, we want to lay out how our compost return program will work moving forward.

After JULY 2021, we will be returning compost every three months on a quarterly schedule after the initial six-month waiting period. Compost will ONLY be returned to members who indicate that they want compost fertilizer returned each quarter, using the Compost Request Form found on our website. This gives you the flexibility to choose when you will receive your compost back to match your schedule and gardening projects.

Read our FAQ below for more information.

1. I am not sure when I signed up, how will I know when I can begin requesting compost?

We will send all new members an email when their 6-month waiting period is complete. They can then begin requesting compost for the next quarter after they receive this email. If you are a member who already receives compost, you can request at anytime.

2. What months will compost be returned?

The Return Months in our quarterly schedule are January, April, July, and October.

3. When can I request compost?

If you have been composting with us for 6-months, you can request compost using our Compost Request Form, at any time during the quarter. Your compost will be delivered to you the first week of the next quarter.

4. How much compost do I get back a quarter?

You will get back one gallon of compost fertilizer for every bucket you have in your membership. The amount returned during the Return Month will be the TOTAL compost accumulated over the previous quarter.

Example: Do-gooders - 1 bucket = 1 gallon of compost/month Quarter return (3 months) = 3 gallons

The Influencers - 2 buckets = 2 gallons of compost/month, etc. Quarter return (3 months) = 6 gallons

5. Why are you guys moving to a quarterly schedule?

We are moving towards a quarterly schedule because of a few reasons.

First, we found that it can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming to sift, bag/bucket, and drop off compost every month.

Second, try as we might, we can only speed up Nature so much and composting can typically take 6 months to a year to create a finished product. Allowing us and Nature an extra month gives your compost time to fully decompose to its final stage and cure.

Lastly, we found that some of our members are quite busy and they were not sure how to store or did not have the time to use their compost every month. We believe our quarterly schedule will help you plan ahead for storing and using your compost.

6. Why do we have to request compost back now?

We have moved to a ‘by request’ return program because some of our members requested we call ahead or check in with them before returning compost, some requested that we donate their compost, and honestly, we want to know that all of our hard work is going back to growing food/flowers and restoring the soil.

Because of this, we want to bestow some responsibility on our members to reach out to us, hoping they have a plan for their compost before receiving it.

Have any other questions? Please send an email to or use the contact form (at the bottom) on our website.

Below is a chart to make it easier to find when and how much compost will be returned for the respective quarter.

Note: This schedule applies to members who have reached six-months of composting with us.

Cheers to more time outdoors this summer!

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