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So, when can you get that good compost back?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

FREE Compost can be requested any time of the year but will be delivered every three months on a quarterly schedule (after the initial six-month waiting period).

Additional compost can be purchased from our store and delivered outside of the scheduled return months.

Compost will ONLY be returned to members who request it each quarter using our Compost Request Form found on our website (Members tab > Request Compost). This gives you the freedom to choose if you want to receive compost and when.

Have questions? Well we wrote this frequently asked questions section just for you!

1. I am not sure when I signed up, how will I know when I can begin requesting compost?

We will send you an email when your six-month waiting period is complete. This will let you know that you can now request compost for the next quarter on our website.

2. What months will compost be returned/delivered?

The “Return Months” in our quarterly schedule are January, April, July, and October.

3. When can I request compost?

If you have been composting with us for six months, you can request compost using our Compost Request Form on our website (Members tab > Request Compost), any time during the quarter. Your compost will be delivered to you the first week of the next quarter. Requests will have to be made each quarter.

4. How much compost do I get back a quarter?

You will get three gallons each quarter for each bucket in your membership plan.


1 bucket plan = 3 gallon of compost/quarter

2 bucket plan = 6 gallons of compost/quarter

3 bucket plan = 9 gallons of compost/quarter

Any compost not requested in a quarter will be donated.

5. Why does Compost Kauai do a quarterly schedule?

We use a quarterly schedule because of a few reasons.

First, we found it to be very labor-intensive and time-consuming to sift, bag, and drop off compost every month. 😅

Second, try as we might, we can only speed up Nature so much and composting can typically take 6 months to a year to create a finished product with our methods. Allowing us and Nature a few extra months gives your compost time to fully develop in its final stage and begin curing.

Lastly, we found that some of our members are quite busy and they were not sure how to store or did not have the time to use their compost every month. We believe our quarterly schedule will help you plan ahead for storing and using your compost.

6. What if I want more compost?

We have a limited supply of compost after our members request their share. Each membership includes an allotted amount of FREE compost. Additional compost can be purchased in our store and delivered to you on your pick up day. This means you can purchase compost and have it delivered before the quarterly return schedule.

Visit our store on our website to purchase additional gallons.

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