Events & small businesses


add Sustainability to the workplace and at events.

Looking to have sustainable waste management be a part of your business or event? Our services include hauling, rentals, monitoring and more.

Our event services include

  • Containers and service that match your event type, style and volume

  • Waste station setups and monitoring to reduce contamination and sorting costs

  • Compost created by your event will be shared with the local community

  • Finished compost by request or donated (four times a year)

  • Once-in-awhile Compost Kauai Newsletter

  • Access to educational blog posts

  • Friendly member support/advice for compost and gardening questions

  • An easy recurring monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time

Events and Businesses we have worked with

compost facts

Plant health, plant productivity, and soil health have shown to improve when compost is applied. Benefits are long lasting with studies showing organic matter still present in the soil five years after application!

Compost can improve water retention and infiltration in soil. This means saving you time and money when it comes to watering your garden or yard and preventing runoff and soil erosion.

Composting diverts organic materials such as food waste from entering the landfill. In the landfill organic materials are subjected to an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) where they release methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Curbside SERVICE.

Experience the perks of being a member with compost delivered to your door each quarter.