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Compost Products


Compost made from our community's scraps

This ain't no compost you can buy from the store. It was made from our community, for our community.

The best time to apply compost was yesterday, and the next best time is today.

Compost improves water holding capacity of soil, improves soil structure, in increases moisture infiltration reducing erosion and runoff, buffers soil pH and improve nutrient-holding capacity, supplies beneficial microorganisms to the soil, suppresses certain soil-borne diseases, a food source for beneficial microbes already in the soil, provides macro- and micro-nutrients.

Contrary to what one might think growing in 100% compost or applying more compost than needed can have its drawbacks. This includes nutrient and salt overload as well as being just plain wasteful with your money and the final compost product.

When it comes to our compost, a little goes a long way. Composts vary depending on what you put into them and our unique recipe - using your food scraps - is not like other composts you can buy in the stores.

Our compost has a different proportion of nutrients than other composts made from just green waste or forest products. We have finely sifted it and removed most of the wood chips and hopefully all of the contaminants, such as plastic. Our compost's nutrients are readily available and chock full of microbial life. Just a sprinkle on top can boost soil and plant health.

Each year we have our compost tested and the results have been impressive.

Want to learn more about NPK and the nutrients in our compost? Visit our blog post to get the break down.

the benefits of composting

Plant health, plant productivity, and soil health have shown to improve when compost is applied. Benefits are long lasting with studies showing organic matter still present in the soil five years after application!

Compost can improve water retention and infiltration in soil. This means saving you time and money when it comes to watering your garden or yard and preventing runoff and soil erosion.

Composting diverts organic materials such as food waste from entering the landfill. In the landfill organic materials are subjected to an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) where they release methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Our Compost Products and Blends.

Curbside members

  • Compost can be requested and delivered each quarter for FREE (every three months)

  • Members accumulate one gallon each month, for each bucket in their plan

  • One gallon of compost can amend 32 sq ft of soil

  • Additional compost can be picked-up at quarterly Community Sift Days

  • Discounted price for additional compost: $7/gallon; $20/three gallons; $30/five gallons


  • Pick-up for orders less than 1 cubic yard (<200 gallons) in Wailua or at the Puhi Farmers Market

  • Delivery available for orders >1 cubic yard (>200 gallon)

  • $10/gallon; $24/three gallons; $35/five gallons

  • A little goes a long way

  • One gallon of compost can amend 32 sq ft of soil

  • Additional compost can be picked-up at quarterly Community Sift Days

  • Learn more about our compost in our FAQ and blog posts

  • Become a pick-up or drop off member to receive discounted rates on compost

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