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How it works (pick-up service)

How does the pick-up service work?


1. We give you a 5-gallon bucket for your food scraps

2. You fill your bucket with food scraps

3. We pick up your bucket weekly and leave behind a clean, sanitized bucket




We use your scraps to create a nutrient-dense fertilizer and deliver the finished compost back to you on a quarterly basis.


When will I get my bucket and first pick-up?

After you sign up, we will get you your bucket within 1-6 days. Your first pick-up will be the following Monday after you receive your bucket. We typically drop buckets off during our Monday pick-up days. Please contact us if you need your bucket sooner and we will try to accommodate.


When are pick-ups?

Pick-ups for the Wailua, Kapaa, and Kapahi area are currently on Mondays between 9am-5pm.


When will my compost be ready?

We are able to give compost back to our members once it is ready. This typically takes about six months. After our members have been composting with us for six months we send them an email to let them know their food scraps have decomposed into nutrient-rich compost fertilizer.

Members can request compost using our Compost Request Form and have it delivered to them during the next quarterly return period.


What are the months when compost will be returned?

The Quarterly Compost Return period for our compost is the first week of January, April, July, and October.


Learn more about the Quarterly Compost Return Schedule


How much compost do I get back?

After six months of composting, your food scraps are now ready to be sifted, weighed and bagged for delivery. The final compost has now been reduced to about 9-15% of its original weight from decomposition. Because we can only return what we receive/create, we have found our system reliably returns an average of one gallon of compost fertilizer per month, per bucket. One gallon of compost can be used to cover 32 square feet of garden.


See the chart below for how much compost you get back in your Membership Plan.

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How to use Paysimple and the Members Portal

How do I become a member?​

You can become a member by first choosing your membership type Residential or Small Business Membership, deciding the number of buckets needed for your compost volume and




What is the Members Portal?​

We use a payment processing system called PaySimple. This system allows us to collect subscription payments, member information, give our members the freedom to add or remove cards on file and see when their next payment will be drafted. You can log in to the customer portal (aka Members Portal) through our website (Members tab > Members Portal) or the link: https://compostkauai.mypaysimple.com/myaccount. When you are checking out you will create an account with your email and a password. Please remember these or write them down for future log ins.

Compost Questions

Why compost?
How to request compost
Why do we have to request compost?
Quarterly Compost Return Schedule
Why is there a quarterly schedule?
Do I still get compost after I suspend or cancel my membership?
How to use our Compost Fertilizer


Why compost?

There are so many reasons to divert your food scraps and organic waste and compost them. Here is a nice video to sum it all up.

Why is there a quarterly schedule?

We have a quarterly schedule because of a few reasons.

First, we found that it can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming to sift, bag/bucket, and drop off compost every month in addition to our many other duties.

Second, try as we might, we can only speed up Nature so much and composting can typically take six months to a year for a finished product. Allowing us and Nature extra time gives your compost time to fully decompose to its final stage and cure.

Lastly, we found that some of our members are quite busy and they were not sure how to store or did not have the time to use their compost every month. We believe our quarterly schedule will help you plan ahead for storing and using your compost.

Why do we have to request compost?

We have a ‘by request’ return program because our members have requested we check in with them before returning compost or requested that we donate their compost. For us, we want to know that all of our hard work is going back to growing food/flowers and restoring the soil. Because of this, we want to bestow some responsibility on our members to reach out to us, hoping they have a plan for their compost before receiving it. Any compost not requested in a quarter will be donated.

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Do I still get compost after I suspend or cancel my membership?

Unfortunately, we can only return compost to our current members. If you have suspended or cancelled your membership prior to the six-month waiting period, we cannot return any finished compost to you.

If you have suspended or cancelled your membership after the six-month waiting period you can request finished compost for the next quarter. The finished compost will be delivered during our quarterly return period (first week of January, April, July, or October) and will be the final compost delivery for your account.

How do I use my compost?

You can use your compost to grow food, flowers, and healthy soil.

Some say, ½ cup per planting hole, 1/10 of a pound per square foot, 1 tablespoon per transplant hole, 3 tablespoons per container, or 50:50 blend (soil:compost).

And we are here to say, it all DEPENDS.

Plant species, plant stage (seedling, mature, etc.), forms of nutrients in the vermicompost, and what is used to create the vermicompost, are all important factors. We have experimented and with our system have found that as little as 1 teaspoon can have positive effects on your plants.


Here is a chart with suggestions to help you use your compost fertilizer most efficiently. One gallon of compost fertilizer will cover 32 square feet or a 4’x8’ garden.

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Terms & Conditions

Mahalo for becoming a member of Compost Kauai!

Our goal is to try and reduce perfectly-good compost materials, such as food scraps, from going to the Kekaha landfill. We also encourage the reduction and recycling of paper, cardboard, and green waste too. Compost is an art and science that requires time, land/space, and quite often, an iron stomach especially when it comes to the decomposing phases of food scraps. Compost Kauai wants to make it easier for everyone to compost. We see our business as a logistics and cleaning service that creates a useful end product for our members. We strive to provide the best service and membership satisfaction for our community. The following terms are meant to help us meet those goals and ensure that we are all on the same page. Please read below and let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions by emailing us at CompostKauai@gmail.com



1. Who

Starting on the day of your initial drop (seven days prior to your first pick-up) (“Initial Bucket Drop Day”), the following written obligations and responsibilities will be effective between Compost Kauai (a.k.a. “CK”) and member (a.k.a. “you”). You may have signed up with our team from a face-to-face interaction or online through our website store (“online store”).

After signing up, each member receives a Welcome Email (“Welcome Email”) and a series of onboarding emails which includes an outline of How it works (“How it Works”), Do’s and Don’ts (“Do’s & Don’ts”), & How to use your compost (“How to use your compost”), etc.


2. Compost Kauai’s responsibilities

CK will provide the following services to you:

  1. On Initial Bucket Drop Day, CK will deliver a clean compost bucket with a screw-top lid to your address.

  2. As of 9/25/2022, Wailua and Kapahi-Kapaa area members have a Friday Pick-Up Day.

  3. Every week on Pick-Up Day, CK will remove your compost bucket after 3 pm, leaving a clean bucket in its place. This time is subject to change depending on weather, road conditions, holidays, or operational issues. Texts and emails will be delivered at least a day in advance in case of these circumstances.


Returning quality compost to you is one of our key goals.

  • Every member will be returned compost corresponding to your membership plan and our Terms & Conditions.

    • The amount of compost returned/donated will correspond to your membership

    • Do Gooders - 1 bucket = 1 gallon of compost returned/month; The Influencers - 2 buckets = 2 gallon of compost returned/month; Scrapaholics - 3 buckets = 3 gallon of compost returned/month

    • Businesses = according to terms outlined

  • Any unclaimed compost during each quarter will be donated

  • If you end your composting services before the six-month waiting period, we will be unable to return your finished compost. If you end your composting services after the six-month waiting period, you will receive all finished compost up to the month you cancel or suspend your membership (ie. you decide to suspend your membership at the end of the eighth month, you will receive finished compost up to month eight).


3. Member responsibilities

Here’s how you can help us, help you:

  • Place compostable materials in the bucket, limited to fruits and veggies; meats, eggshells; bread, grains and pasta, coffee grounds, nuts, and spices, etc.

    • Please see our list of Do’s & Don’ts

  • PLEASE DO NOT place non-compostable materials in the bucket, such as oil, fat, plastic, rubber, or anything else that doesn’t biodegrade well. When in doubt, reference the Do’s & Don’ts or contact us.

    • Please see our list of Do’s & Don’ts that was included in your Welcome Email

  • Place the bucket full of food waste material at the end of your driveway (or at the designated location instructed by you) each Pick-Up Day by 3 pm.

  • Feel free to inform neighbors, garbage collectors, landlords, housemates, and anyone else who might be interested about the presence of the buckets and what they are used for.

  • You will be billed $12 by CK for any buckets that go missing or are destroyed on the first offense. A second offense will be $24, which is the price of replacing two buckets, the one destroyed and a replacement.

  • If you wish to defer a pick-up for the week (ie. you forgot to put your bucket out before heading to the Westside, you did not have much scraps) please let us know by EMAIL or TEXT by noon on Pick-Up Day.

  • CK will not pick up compostable material exceeding the size of the five-gallon bucket provided. If you notice you are filling up your bucket before the week’s end, you may upgrade your services and get another bucket from CK for an additional $8 per month. Just EMAIL or TEXT us.

  • This agreement gives permission to CK employees to enter your property for the purpose of retrieving loaned compost buckets.


4. Payments

We are currently on a subscription-based model for payments. Payments will occur monthly on the same date as your sign-up date.

  • You are responsible to pay CK membership corresponding to your Membership service. Prices and fees are outlined at https://compostkauai.mypaysimple.com/s/pickupservices as well as in the Terms & Conditions.

    • Monthly pickup service rates are as follows: $32 (1 bucket), $40 (two buckets), or $48 (three buckets) per month.

  • Payments are made through the PaySimple platform, recurring each month.

    • Subscriptions can be canceled at any time and there is no fee for canceling. However, if you are wanting to cancel your subscription payment, please EMAIL or TEXT us so we know you are changing your payment type and following our CANCELLATION POLICY (14 days written notice) to suspend your membership status.

  • If you do not pay your invoice for CK's services by 30 days from the invoice date, CK may end this agreement immediately or upon our discretion. Any loaned buckets will be picked up and service will only continue again once payment has been received for the past and upcoming service month.


5. Cancellation policy
How to suspend or cancel your service:

  •  Members can end their membership and subscription at any time.

  • Please EMAIL or TEXT us 14 days in advance to your end date. This gives Members ample time to clean out their fridge etc. and CK time to check and update their membership status.

  • If given 14 days notice CK will cancel your membership and stop payment for the proceeding monthly payment. We do not give refunds.

  • If you end your composting services before the six-month waiting period, we will be unable to return your finished compost.

  • If you do not pay your invoice for CK’s services by 30 days from the invoice date, CK may end this agreement immediately or upon our discretion. Any loaned buckets will be picked up and service will continue again once payment has been received for the past and upcoming service month.

  • Either you or CK may end this agreement at any time and for any reason with 14 days' written notice.

  • CK reserves the right to cancel service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or operational issues. You will be notified of such cancellation as soon as we know, prior to your service date. We will do our best to immediately reschedule your pick-up the following day.

  • Any matters relating to the cancellation or suspension of service should be made via EMAIL.


Email: CompostKauai@gmail.com

Memberships: 808-482-9773

​6. Confidentiality

CK and its employees, agents, or representatives will keep all subscriber information confidential. Further, CK will provide the services listed in this agreement and meet its obligations using high-quality customer service.


7. Limitation of Liability

CK is not responsible for what happens once buckets are on your property. Please be gentle with our buckets and use them only for your food scraps and acceptable materials listed under the Do’s & Don’ts.



1 bucket

1 gallon compost fertilizer/month

The Influencers

2 buckets

2 gallons compost fertilizer/month


3 buckets

3 gallons compost fertilizer/month