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Events & Small businesses


add Sustainability to the workplace and at events.

Looking to have sustainable waste management be a part of your business or event? Our services include planning, monitoring, hauling, rentals and more.

Did you know?

  • Most people produce about 4 pounds of waste at a single event. Think of all the cups, plates, wrappers and food served and then tossed into the trash.

  • About 70% of waste generated in the workplace could be composted. This includes coffee cups, office paper, to-go boxes and food scraps.

Let us help you plan for better waste management in your workplace or at your next event.

Our Small Business and event services include

  • Containers that match your event type and volume

  • Waste station setups and monitoring to reduce contamination and sorting costs

  • Compost created from your event and business will be shared with the local community and farmers

  • Consultation with event coordinators and business managers to help identify, measure and reduce waste

  • Hauling and cleanup after events

  • Weekly pick-up services for businesses (Eastside ONLY)

TEll us more about your business

  • Are you a business located on the Eastside of Kauai? This includes Kapaa, Wailua, and Kapahi.

  • Are you tired of dealing with trash juice and a smelly dumpster out back?

  • Do you serve fresh fruits, vegetables, or meals daily?

  • Do you think you will be filling more than three five-gallon buckets with food scraps? If not, try our RESIDENTIAL memberships here.

  • Do you have a secure place to put buckets out each week?

If you answered "YES" to most of these questions then you should try our SMALL BUSINESS membership. We will just need a little more information about your business to create a custom membership plan.

events and businesses who compost with us

Red House Collective's Art in the Park every first Friday at the Kilauea Ag Park

TEll us more about your event

  • Are you planning a one-time or monthly event on Kauai?

  • Do you want to reduce your event's footprint and leave a lasting impression on the attendees and our community?

  • Do you want help creating your event's waste management plan?

  • Do you need receptacles for collection or large volume hauling services?

  • Are you interested in educating the vendors and your event coordinators to reduce costs?

If you answered "YES" to most of these questions then fill out our form below and we will contact you!

Tell us about your event!

Thanks for filling us in!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Send us your questions in our contact form below.

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